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Our Purpose

At QuickInfer, our purpose is to enable innovation and challenge the way business is run. Through innovative technology products and out-of-the-box thinking in our consultative engagements, we:

  • Enable our customers to access actionable insights that result in positive business impacts
  • Empower our customers to take timely action and run their business better
  • Enhance past, present and future business visibility
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Who we serve

Our Serving industry:

Financial Services

Risk management is mandatory for financial institutions, to maintain the trust and regulatory requirements

Risks can come from different aspects, such as competitors, investors, regulators, or company’s customers. Also, risks can differ in importance and potential losses. With BIRD, you can identify, prioritize, and monitor risks. Our advanced ML models can be used to train on the huge amounts of customer data, financial lending, and insurance results to automate and enhance the risk scoring models, thus improving efficiencies.Credit Risk Assessment is one of the most important applications of Risk Management and at BIRD, we offer a solution to automatically identify the credit worthiness of a customer based on data coming from his past payment behavior, credit history, net value etc.


Real-time monitoring and visualization of customer behavior is fundamentally changing the relationship of insurers and the insured. Instead of being reactive and adding more to the costs, Insurance companies are trying to intervene proactively to reduce the number of claims.

For example, in auto insurance, telematics is being used to monitor in real time the driving habits of the insured and use that data to better driving habits. There are examples of insurers who used telematics, seeing a 30 percent reduction in the number of claims.

nsurance companies work on extremely thin margin and a competitive space that using data and analytics has become a key strategy to reduce costs, leakages, improve operational efficiencies and gain competitive advantages.

Warranty Analytics

Manufacturers spend a great deal of money on warranty costs, anywhere between 2-5% of sales. Therefore, proactively streamlining claim processes, detecting emerging defects and fraud helps improving not only the bottom line but also customer satisfaction.

While manufacturers want to implement Warranty analytics, they face multiple problems with data residing in disparate systems due to the complexity of supply chains, with multiple service providers and call centers handling claims. Telematics or real-stream data gathered from assets is also something manufacturers need to explore for added advantage in claims processing.

Retail Analytics

Digital transformation continues to change the retaill and scape.Retailers face unrelenting pressure from traditional and innovative new competitors.They must respond quickly to new technologies and the changing needs of customers who are multichannel and in control.

Success in this intensely competitive environment depends on the retailer's ability to adapt rapidly to changes brought about by digital transformation.Winners will be determined by how well they understand the needs of their empowered customers so they can deliverd if ferentiated experiences that build competitive advantage.

BIRD gives retailers a powerful full-stack data management and augmented business intelligence solution that allows business users to easily model data,analyze, and visualize tonsof data from limitless sources to instantly get the visibility and answers needed to make smarter, faster business decisions.

Dedicated Artifical intelligence

Discover and Predict on all your data sources

There is no need for a data analyst to spend time creating hierarchies. With BIRD, a business user has the flexibility to drill down the data to its 'n'th level without having to wait on your analyst to create new reports. The Google like search using our Natural Language Processing engine is intuitive to create complex queries. More than 80 visualizations with advanced ones such as heat-maps, geocoding, scatter plots, and others. Perform Advanced analytics on data with custom fields, pivot tables and summary tables.


Dedicated Support

We partner with you to consistently deliver value to your customers, understand your needs continuously to keep improving our product to suit your needs. We will have a dedicated resource to support and address concerns immediately. We are a nimble startup built on the foundations of rapid innovation and sailing fast to deliver value that truly solves business problems.


Latest Technologies

An insight that ensures validity or start working on your key lead indicators BIRD insight engine works on ML models that run extensive data sanity checks before generating the insights. With BIRD's mashup engine, it is easier than ever for any user, literally any user, to get insight on top of all your enterprise data. With BIRD the entire workflow from data ingestion to insight is made effective.

Our Fun Facts

Numbers we are proud of

BIRD is the fastest BigData Analytics platform with its realtime, event driven, scalable, distributed, columnar engine architecture


Happy Users/Server


Data (Ingestion Speed)


Batch Data (Avg. Retrieval Speed)


Real-Stream Data

Our Platform

BIRD is the fastest BigData Analytics platform offering Full-stack BI & AI-Driven Analytics


BIRD for Batch Analytics

It is not just about visualization, with BIRD the entire workflow from data ingestion to insight is made effective on your batch data coming from flat files, structured and semi-structured data sources

BIRD for Streaming Analytics

Do live data analytics from your social media/IOT devices on a single BI platform. BIRD built on a powerful architecture, can process more than 50,000 transactions per second on a single server.

BIRD for Embedded/OEM/White labeling

Embed your product with BIRD Full Stack Augmented Analytics platform to offer advanced ML powered analytic solutions with real-time insights to your customers. Embed BIRD with the same confidence of an in-house software.

BIRD - Enhances your decision-making

BIRD - A full stack data mangement & augmented BI platform

A platform that gets you the needed insights, in real-time, is a must have tool for every business.

Get the right data to the right people
Get into action from insights
Real-time analytics
Embedded Analytics

Tools & Technologies used for Data science

We do not want to be your vendor but a partner to your needs.

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