BIRD for Embeded /OEM / White labeling

Embed your product with BIRD Full Stack Augmented Analytics platform to offer advanced ML powered analytic solutions with real-time insights to your customers. Create a unique advantage by offering an advanced analytics platform for your customers that is extensively customizable not only through multiple APIs but also with our offering to customize the product to tailor to your needs. Embed BIRD with the same confidence of an in-house software.

Augmented BI Platform

A full stack platform will capabilities to easily prepare and merge data from different data sources, transform, visualize and do predictive insights. We are an advanced analytics platform with Real-stream analytics, Natural language capability, NLG, ML models, R and H2O integration etc., with rapid innovations to constantly make the product futuristic

White Label

Make it seamless for your customers with single sign on and the same branding as yours using your logo and color-palette. Your customers will never know the difference and experience the advanced analytics in your product. You can even alter dashboard style sheets for near-native integration

Scalability and Performance

Unlike the traditional products in the market, BIRD is cloud-native and built ground up on BigData architecture. With an event driven architecture, the platform is scalable, distributed and is the fastest analytics product in the market. Trust in BIRD to take care of BigData requirements without having to optimize your data externally.

APIs to Customize

Our product covers extensive breadth of functionalities in analytics and hope that you wouldn't have to develop anything new. However, our platform is open with standard APIs for your developers to build custom applications and embed analytics. Extend the functionality of BIRD for new types of visualizations and augmented capabilities to create unique value proposition for your customers.


Use our platform for multiple customers, with flexibility to control user access across every layer of the application such as report s, features, data, rows and columns


We do not want to be your vendor but a partner to your needs. We partner with you to consistently deliver value to your customers, understand your needs continuously to keep improving our product to suit your needs. We will have a dedicated resource to support and address concerns immediately.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

The TCO with BIRD comes down due to the following reasons:
  • Cost of the product
  • Requires less number of resources since there is no optimization required
  • Save on tools required for data preparation and optimization