BIRD for Stream Analytics

real stream_analytics

BIRD Real-Stream Analytics

Do live data analytics from your social media/IOT devices on a single BI platform.

BIRD built on a powerful architecture, can process more than 50,000 transactions per second on single server.

Realstream analytics is increasingly being used in real-time fraud detection, preventive maintenance of devices, asset tracking, and location-based customer targeting to name a few.

Push Mechanism to drive Real-time analytics

BIRD uses both pull and push mechanisms. Push is a mechanism where any change on the server side is automatically pushed onto the client side resulting in realtime visualizations


Never lose your data

Guaranteed delivery of message using proprietary queuing mechanisms ensures zero loss of data, the most important aspect in the realstream data analytics

List of Connectors

In addition to 50+ connectors, we also have a special connector called 'Web Socket Connector' through which, we can directly connect to a device (typical legacy devices) through socket connection.