Retail Analytics


Digital transformation continues to change the retaill and scape.Retailers face unrelenting pressure from traditional and innovative new competitors.They must respond quickly to new technologies and the changing needs of customers who are multichannel and in control.

Success in this intensely competitive environment depends on the retailer's ability to adapt rapidly to changes brought about by digital transformation.Winners will be determined by how well they understand the needs of their empowered customers so they can deliverd if ferentiated experiences that build competitive advantage.

BIRD gives retailers a powerful full-stack data management and augmented business intelligence solution that allows business users to easily model data,analyze, and visualize tonsof data from limitless sources to instantly get the visibility and answers needed to make smarter, faster business decisions.

BIRD provides unparalleled insight into your retail network performance, in real-time.

BIRD provides unparalleled insight into your retail network performance, in real-time.


BIRD enables you to measure, compareand rank your retailnetwork.

Which are the top performing locations?

Which locations are bestconverting walk-in’s to sales?

Whichlocationsarereportingwalk-in traffic accurately?

How do the top performing locations differ from the rest?


BIRD measures direct cause and effect of marketing activity.

What marketing activity drives high value customer walk-in traffic?

How many sponsored event attendees also visit your retail locations?

What is the ROI on sponsorship activity?

How does web activity relate to location foot traffic?


BIRD ensures your retail network is accountable.

Why does a specific location have a high bounce rate?

Is labour aligned to customer activity for best ROI?

What are the busiest days of the week and times of the day?

Which locations under perform on customer KPI’s?


BIRD reveals location specific loyalty and customer trends.

Which locations have the highest level of customer loyalty?

What percentage of customers return and how often?

How long do customers spend in each location?

What percentage of customers visit multiple locations?

Now business users can start deriving insights on their data without the need of specialized IT teams like Data Scientists or Data Analysts.BIRD now comes with in-built access to a library of analytical functions and algorithms, that will run continuously in the background to analyse all the data to predict business outcomes, simulate impact of all decisions and mitigate future risks from a single full-stack platform.Enable your business to move from being:

Data-driven insights determine business strategy.The combination of machine learning and NLG allows businesses to automate the labor-intensive process of analyzing data and communicating important findings to business people.These automated insights can then be leveraged to assess your performance and overall brand health, identify growth pockets and opportunities, and determine a holistic understanding of how your brands compare to the marketplace. All of these factors contribute to a solid business strategy.


Ultimately, this automation leads to insights that are driven by algorithms that would otherwise require a significant investment of time and energy from technical members of your team.As such, augmented analytics democratizes data, so data scientists and analysts aren’t the only people on your team who can make sense of the results.


Some of the models provided in-built to BIRD are linear regression, clustering, classification, forecasting, random forest, text analytics, density based clustering and logistic regression.

Augmented analytics can benefit businesses in a myriad of ways :


Deeper data analysis :- Augmented analytics do the heavy lifting for you.By analyzing exhaustive data combinations, augmented analytics can pinpoint which factors are truly influencing your output.


Faster results :- Augmented analytics allow business users to get answers to their questions directly, in a matter of seconds.No longer will they have to wait for data analysts to fill the gap.


Better use of resources:- When your data analysts aren’t bogged down with questions, they have more time to focus on deeper research that machines can’t yet support, providing more bang for your buck.


Actionable insights:- Ultimately, augmented analytics simplify the data analysis process so you can gain important insights into your data that can inform your business strategies.

What will happen?
Make it happen?
Dynamic Intelligence
1 Regression Optimization Natural Language Processing
2 Simulation Decision Tree Sentiment Analysis
3 Forecasting Mathematical Programming Self-Learning
4 Predictive Modelling Alerts & Rules Reasoning

Get into Action from Insights

Let your employees focus on doing their jobs, not analyzing data. They need the right tools that automatically help them determine the best business actions to take in any given situation.

BIRD uses AI/ML(machine learning) to solve this problem, transforming raw data into recommended actions and delivering personalized in-context information to dramatically reduce the time from analysis to action. BIRD’s powerful collaborative on-the-go storyboards ensure that the insights display seamlessly, wherever the business user is and more importantly on-time for them to take key decisions related to your business.As an example, see the benefits across your key divisions

  • Forecast sales based on campaigns or new product release
  • Forecast sales by category, SKU, territory, sales person
  • Extract best leads to prospects
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Focused campaigns to multiple buyer segments
  • Determine pricing anomalies
  • Predict revenues based on influencing factors
  • Forecast spend based on demand and economic indicators